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We know that positive employer–employee relationships are integral to a happy workplace. For employers, treating staff fairly, honestly and in compliance with all legal guidelines is key to the smooth running of a business and the upkeep of a good reputation. We can consult and work with you about recent changes in employment law to ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities enabling you to control legal issues that arise in the workplace and seek advice about rectifying them if they do occur. For employees, on the other hand, understanding your rights means that you will know if your employer is not providing something you are entitled to, and enable you to take action.

Here at CJJ Law, our team are not only specialists in employment law, but also equally strong negotiators. Rest assured we can help you reach the best resolution.

A wide range of business and personal clients

Here at CJJ Law, we work with all types of clients, from luxury fashion houses, national newspapers and FX houses to high-net-worth individuals and global companies with UK-based employees.

We have a wealth of experience in offering employment law advice to managing directors, executive directors, vice presidents and partners from a wide range of sectors, including financial services, insurance, legal, healthcare and retail.

Significant Cases

  • Obtained a six figure settlement for our client in a disability discrimination claim against a high-street bank;
  • Obtained a six figure settlement for our client in a sexual harassment claim against a major Plc without having to issue proceedings;
  • Reported case concerning the jurisdiction of the UK Employment Tribunal over an employee who was working overseas;
  • Acted for an employee of a large airline who was facing dismissal. With our intervention she was able to return to work with all sanctions expunged;
  • Successfully defended and obtained costs against a Claimant in unfair dismissal and whistleblowing proceedings

Bespoke legal guidance

When you get in touch with our employment team, you’ll receive a service that is built around your needs. We’ll start by determining the exact nature of the dispute and your requirements, and then work with you to decide upon the most cost-effective and best course of action to resolve the dispute or query as smoothly as possible.

To find out how we can help you with an aspect of employment law, whether you are an employer or an employee, contact us at CJJ Law today.

  • A.B

    I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Reesha Panchal of CJ Jones Solicitors. When I ran into a big personality conflict at work that led to protracted difficulties with my employer, Reesha expertly guided me through internal grievance proceedings and communications with senior management always hitting the right tone. The remarkable outcome was that I was able to return to work notwithstanding feelings had been running high.

    As a lawyer myself I've worked with a lot of my profession: Reesha is one of the smartest people I know and I have turned to her throughout this unfortunate episode.

  • Logix - IT support provider

    When I needed some professional contracts drawn up for my business I was confused by the amount of detail that I would need.  I turned to CJ Jones for advice and was glad I did. Chris and his team guided me through all of the pitfalls and provided me with a perfect contract for both my clients and employees.

    The whole process was painless, reasonably priced and delivered within a few days. The team worked with me every step of the way so that my client, employees and my company are all fantastically protected. Thank you CJ Jones.

    Logix - IT support provider
  •  M.O

    I engaged Reesha in 2016 to resolve an employment matter.  It was an emotional time for me and the way that Reesha dealt with sifting out the facts of the matter efficiently and effectively was therefore particularly valuable to me.  She is incredibly focussed and gave the right advice at the right time throughout the process.  From the moment she took my case, any stress I had felt was significantly reduced. 

    Reesha handled the ensuing negotiations with great skill, and was ready to take calculated risks that contributed to a very satisfactory outcome.

  • A.W
    C.J Jones Solicitors and in particular a member of their team Reesha Panchal, aided myself in a recent employment matter. Throughout the entire process Reesha was thorough and precise with her advice and course of actions to take in this matter. Reesha's professional advice guided me through what was a difficult time. She took time to explain and to be clear on the elements of the law that were relevant to my case guiding me through them in non-legal terms in order that I could achieve a clear grasp on the topics. Reesha and C.J Jones Solicitors dealt with the matter professionally and in a timely manner to achieve the best possible outcome for myself. I would therefore recommend C.J Jones in a heartbeat to anyone, who finds themselves requiring guidance on employment law.
  • Numex Foreign Exchange Corporation (UK) Ltd – Financial Services

    We’ve used CJJ for around 2 years now and they’ve become our go-to for anything legal. Always friendly, helpful and going beyond what we’d expect of them, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Numex Foreign Exchange Corporation (UK) Ltd – Financial Services
  • Tudor Griffiths, Director, Zen Benefits Ltd

    As trusted advisers ourselves to smaller firms and businesses, we have worked closely CJ Jones Solicitors to deliver employee benefits and corporate financial planning solutions to a wide range of clients.

    We value their expertise, client focus and that they just never give up – perfect client advocates.

    Tudor Griffiths, Director, Zen Benefits Ltd

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